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Pastor Charles Adams

Pastor Charles and his wife Debbie both met in Bible college, where Charles earned a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministries and Debbie earned her bachelor’s degree in Christian Education. They have been married since 1979 and entered their first pastorate in 1982 upon graduation from Bible college.

Charles and Debbie planted Toledo Foursquare Church in 1993 and have remained here since that time as the founding pastors. It has been a truly wonderful experience as we have labored in God’s kingdom together with many faithful people. We love our church and know that while we have, with much help from all, planted and watered, it is God Who gives the increase.

Pastor Charles has gone on to earn additional degrees of higher learning in both secular and sacred fields. In addition to his initial Bible College degree, he holds a master’s degree in community counseling as well as a master’s in counseling psychology. He has also earned a master’s degree in biblical archaeology. He also went on to earn some doctorates, currently holding a ThD in theology, a PhD in Christian apologetics and a PhD in church history.

Both Charles and Debbie feel that having the opportunity to serve Christ in ministry is an honor and a pleasure.